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Setting a standard for member experience

We helped a global standards organization build a cloud-native micro services-based platform to store and share data on billions of products with members.


One of the world’s leading retail standards organizations.


Build a 24x7 cloud-based platform capable of storing and sharing data on billions of products.

Tools and technologies

Java, Python, NodeJS, .NET, Azure PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Azure DevOps, Pipelines, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure App Service.


Our client is a global standards organization. Its products and codes are used by millions of brand owners, retailers and supply chain partners around the world.

The organization needed an always on, scalable cloud-based platform capable of storing and sharing data on billions of products and related information with members and partners across the world.

The client also wanted the ability to onboard member organizations quickly and seamlessly.

They wanted the business capabilities developed on platform to be available as modern and secure enterprise-level APIs.


Iris chose a microservices architecture for high agility, loose coupling, independent deployability and maintainability.

We followed an API design-first approach and designed according to the standards-based API specification (OpenAPI Specification).

In line with best practices for securely publishing and maintaining APIs, our team deployed the Azure API management solution. We used Azure APIM developer portal to deliver a superior developer onboarding experience. The solution had other features as well:

  • Design and implementation of the Azure Virtual network for securely hosting the platform
  • A cloud-native architecture using the Azure AppService and an Azure-managed Kubernetes platform.
  • Comprehensive performance testing and optimization at all levels to meet strict SLAs
  • Security testing and vulnerability assessment to ensure secure APIs


  • A robust and secure API platform that handles 200,000 API requests per day
  • 50 million codes uploaded in 40 product categories across more than 130 countries
  • Delivered a developer portal for quick on-boarding of MOs and application developers
  • New 7-step verification mechanism led to creation of new revenue streams

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